Intro to Close the Deal Without Selling

By Ike Krieger - Communications and Sales Educator

Welcome to the Close the Deal Without Selling Podcast You’re about to discover the Easier Way to Sell. But I'm not sure you really need an easier way to sell because I don't have enough information about your current selling effectiveness. So, you have to ask… When you go out to sell your product, your service, or yourself, do your results leave you frustrated, stressed, or discouraged? If that’s the case, I’m requesting that you invest the time and listen to the first 10 episodes of the Close the Deal Without Selling™ podcast. That’s the commitment needed from you to learn this system. When you implement what you’ll learn in those 10 episodes you’ll experience a 20 to 50% increase in your sales results over the next 6 to 12 months. Are you in sales? Then you know what it's like to feel stressed out and frustrated, especially when your prospects try to put you off with stalls, objections, or “I want to think about it.”  For nearly 30 years The Yes Formula™, the easier way to sell, developed by communications and sales innovator, Ike Krieger, has helped clients... Avoid stalls and objections Reduce sales stress Increase sales success The Yes Formula™ is a communications model that happens to work wonderfully when you sell. When you use this time-tested system for effortless selling, your prospects will give YOU the sales presentation – willingly - and then close themselves.  As backwards as this sounds, it really works. Is it time for you to learn how to Close the Deal Without Selling?

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