How Neurobiology can ‘Unleash Your Primal Brain’ and be Used to Drive Growth According to Author Tim Ash

The Breakout Growth Podcast

Sep 2020

55 min 57 sec

Tim Ash ran the strategic Conversion Rate Optimization agency, SiteTuners for over 20 years, a business that has generated over $1.2 billion in value for its clients. At the core of that success was a deep understanding of neurobiology, which Tim explores in detail in his new book ‘Unleash Your Primal Brain’. In this episode of The Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis interviews Tim to better understand how “what makes us bizarrely and uniquely human” can be used to help us drive growth.

The conversation is spirited as Tim holds some contrarian views to Sean when it comes to driving growth through high-velocity testing and optimization practices. However, there is also plenty of common ground as they discuss how the biology of the brain impacts everything from interpersonal relationships to politics, and how an understanding of these ideas can be applied to accelerate growth for businesses. Both Sean and Tim are passionate about the importance of driving value for end-users as the foundation for unlocking growth, and there are exciting learnings as Tim explains how “relentless dissatisfaction” can help companies find opportunities to drive significant improvements. According to Tim, “‘Unleash Your Primal Brain’ may help you make a billion dollars or even become the next Dalai Lama, but at the very least this interview will help you understand how a deeper look into your own brain can help you understand and influence others. We discussed:

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