0219: Meet Industry Powerhouse, Lorean Cairns!

Beyond The Technique Podcast

Jan 2019

44 min 6 sec

Could you imagine moving from Denver to New York City and opening up your own salon in less than a year of being there? That’s exactly what Lorean did and now she has nine salons throughout the U.S.! Learn why Lorean’s culture dynamic is unique in helping build her teams, develop them, and ultimately retain them. Through the support her company offers, she’s cultivating the Fox lifestyle! One of her motto’s is, “we’ll never quit on you—you’d have to quit on us first.” Her commitment to vision and her openness to change are among the reasons she’s successful and an industry powerhouse! BECOME A MEET YOUR STYLIST SALON! https://www.meetyourstylist.com/ HERE’S THE LINK TO OUR PRIVATE GROUP PAGE! https://www.facebook.com/groups/370912749922331/ HERE’S THE LINK TO BEYOND THE TECHNIQUE SERVICES http://www.beyondthetechnique.com/services/ OUR [INSPIRED ENTERPRISES] WEBSITES http://www.beyondthetechnique.com/ https://www.meetyourstylist.com/ http://www.beinspiredsalon.com/home.aspx OUR INSTAGRAM @beyondthetechnique @meetyourstylist @be_inspired_salon @katiwhitledge CONTACT BEAUTY BACKBONE! https://beautybackbone.com/product/beauty-backbone-education-system/

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