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1. Reactive Dog Tribe

By Alix Mitchell

Do you own a reactive dog? Or are you a dog trainer who focuses on reactive and aggressive dogs? Or do you have a pretty friendly and stable dog but you want to learn more about dogs in general? In this first episode, Alix lays the groundwork and sets some expectations on what you can expect from the Ready, Set, Fetch! Podcast going forward. This podcast is your one stop resource for everything and anything having to do with reactive dogs. You'll get actionable training tips to start training your reactive dogs, as well as tips and tricks for all sorts of aspects of dog ownership - from traveling with dogs to general health and wellness, and so much more.  CONNECT ON INSTAGRAM!  JOIN THE REACTIVE DOG COMMUNITY! GET THE FULL SHOW NOTES! Subscribe and Review in iTunes! Are you subscribed to this podcast? If you're not, I encourage you to do so! This ensures that you don't miss an episode, and it's automatically downloaded to your phone.  If you really want to give me some positive reinforcement, I would be so grateful if you left me a review on iTunes as well. Those reviews help other people fid this podcast, which helps me help them and their dog! Just click here to review, select "Ratings and Reviews" and "Write a Review." Let me know what your favorite part of the podcast is! THANK YOU!

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