018: "The later we start sex education, the more unlearning we have to teach." Celebrating diversity, sex education and boundaries with Justine Ang Fonte

The Filipino American Woman Project

Sep 2019

44 min 58 sec

As Filipina, Feminist and Foodie Ms. Justine Ang Fonte was growing up, she soon discovered that not everyone was "woke with their ancestry." It was thanks to American comedian Rex Navarrete that she was inspired to celebrate her ancestry and explore how fun it is to be different. Justine shares her work as a health educator, the importance of setting boundaries, and how founding Raised Pinay brought together her two biggest passions: her motherland and sex education. Connect with Justine Ang Fonte by visiting her website https://www.justinefonte.com/ (justinefonte.com). Learn more about Raised Pinay at https://www.raisedpinay.com/ (raisedpinay.com) and Roots of Health at https://rootsofhealth.org/ (rootsofhealth.org) Learn about the resources available to teach sex education to young adolescents, visit amaze.org -- Receive the latest stories and life lessons from our community by subscribing to our newsletter: http://bit.ly/tfawproject-newsletter%C2%A0 (http://bit.ly/tfawproject-newsletter ) This show wouldn't be possible without our sponsors. Learn more about our active sponsors at https://linktr.ee/tfawproject.sponsors (https://linktr.ee/tfawproject.sponsors) Co-hosted by Jen Amos & Nani Dominguez. Connect with them on Instagram @thejenamos @notesbynani Engage with us on Instagram @thefilipinoamericanwoman

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