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All Your Database Are Belong to Us

By Coding Blocks

Part one of our two part database podcast starts with choosing the RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) and what to do when you run into deficiencies in that particular database system. First and foremost, what's with the title?!  Are these guys grammatically challenged?  If that was your first thought, then you should check out this link: Others who have been around a little while (longer than us three 21 year olds), we hope you got a kick out of the title. Podcast News Article on creating a database schema for a product catalog: Article from Eric ClippertWhy Dynamic Languages are Hard to Maintain We'll be attending Atlanta Build Guild, Monday July 14th MVC vs Webforms question from @brocbeat We always keep detailed show notes @RajSoTweet Joe's latest gaming obsessionDivinity Original Sin Steam Streaming Discussion about our experience with the Xamarin Meetup we attended a couple weeks ago Hosted by Bluetube, Inc. - excellent content Roger Peters @smartyp  - excellent presentation of how he took an app from Java on Android and ported it to Windows and iOS with XamarinWord Search Little Books (search in your preferred app store)Matchingo (search in your preferred app store) Bluetube Inc will be hosting their first Xamarin meetup in Cincinnati, OH this Tuesday, July 15th We have 14 ... COUNT EM...14 FIVE STAR REVIEWS in iTunes!!!  While we're thrilled, more would make us even happier!  Please do leave us a review in iTunes here: Special thanks to PJR_ATL and a3electroniks for our most recent iTunes reviews.  We really do appreciate them. Topics How much should a developer know about databases in general? How do you pick a database when you're starting a project? MySQL PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL Server Oracle DB2 No SQL databases Do you hack solutions to deal with the deficiencies of the particular database system you chose? Trees and hierarchies in various RDBMS engines Joe Celko's SQL Trees and Hierarchies book Nested Set Model on Wikipedia Resources Need to know your IP Address? Excellent book on understanding all the intricate details of C# 5 the languageC# 5 Unleashed Notepad++ Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter Tips of the Week Joe's tip - SQL SearchRedgate's SQL Search Allen's tip - Ctrl + , for Navigate To Michael's tip - HTML 5 game creator

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