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23: What defines if you're a good mum or a bad mum?

By Coby Stokman

You might have said it to yourself, or you might have said it about someone else. Guys, what I'm talking about is if you're a good mum or a bad mum and what defines this? Seriously, what does define this? So, tell me and be honest. Have you ever thought ‘I'm not a good enough mum’ or, X person isnt a great mum or not being a good mum in that moment? Maybe you also have thought that you’re killing it at mumlife? Or, maybe you see someone else and say they are a good mum...well. Today we’re going to talk about what defines if you or anyone else is a good mum or a bad mum...   KEY TAKEAWAYS: There is no checklist – if there is come show it to me because you only thing that determines if YOU are a good mum or a bad mum is your own perception of you. You have a choice if you’re a good mum or a bad mum and can redefine that and choose that now. Anything that you have thought in the past does not define your future – and by furure I mean 10 minutes from now (not years!!!) How you think about others – that is ONLY your opinion. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion but I want you to think, could your opinion be argued in court? Most of the time, no. Do the things that make YOU happy because we are ALL different and thrive from different things.   TOOLS: Write down how you think about you as a parent. Then I want you to look at it and identify If you REALLY believe that. Is there evidence to support that? Not thoughts, arguable evidence? If not, you have a CHOICE to change how you think about you. - change your mind, change your life and parenting FOREVER!   CONNECT If you haven’t already, go connect with me! Web:   Facebook: @therealmumlife Instagram: @therealmumlifeaus   DO YOU LOVE THE REAL MUM LIFE PODCAST? Mama’s, we’re practically already best friends, but I’d love you even more if you would subscribe to The Real Mum Life Podcast on iTunes and give us a review!

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