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"Rolling On Cloud Laughing" (w/ Christi Chiello)

By Forever Dog Podcast Network

It was cold this morning. So very cold. So cold that a deep chill permeated every inch of my body. I almost stayed in bed; I almost let it defeat me. But I've seen enough of this life to know that if I could only get out the door, only survive the subway, and only burrow into my office, I could pour myself a steamy, creamy, delicious cup of Las Culturistas - and the chill would be obliterated. And my friends: hark! This week's brew warmed me right up because Mr. Rogers and Mr. Yang made it just the way I like it... chock full of Ms. Christi Chiello!!Matt and Bowen are bringing you some brand new rules of culture (#32: All Dogs Go To Heaven), brand new "I Don't Think So, Honeys" (Adult Acne), and brand new original songs (well, you'll just have to listen for yourself!). Christi's defining culture is Boy Bands - and this ep goes DEEP! Also - a breakdown of Demi Lovato's new documentary, some questions about Anderson Cooper, and a totally refreshing discussion about religion (Really? Yes! Really!). The culture is bountiful (Riverdale, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, etc) - so take big sips! Warm up your heart; warm up your life!Love to you all and see you at Cultch War, Joe (HPJ for the fans)LAS CULTURISTAS HAS A PATREON! For $5/month, you get exclusive access to WEEKLY Patreon-ONLY Las Culturistas content!! W/ LAS CULTURISTAS ON FACEBOOK & TWITTER for the best in "I Don't Think So, Honey" action, updates on live shows, conversations with the Las Culturistas community, and behind-the scenes photos/ CULTURISTAS IS A FOREVER DOG PODCAST

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