Musical Perspectives | Episode 4

By Fanbyte

This week on Volume Slider join Fanbyte Featured Contributor Fūnk-é and podcast producer Paul Tamayo as they chat about some of Paul's favorite pieces of video game music. From the jarring landscape of ICO to Hateno Village, get ready for a wide range of musical notes folks. By listening to this show in the Spotify app, you’ll be able to hear the full length versions of the songs discussed in the episode without having to press the dang thing. If you like this format, let us know on Twitter or in the soundbite discord. Songs discuss this week: Castle In The Sky (ICO), Never Return Alive (streets of rage 2), Hateno Village (TLoZ: Breath Of The Wild), Scars Of Time (Chrono Cross) – – follow Niki, Funké, and producer JaeSingh on Twitter. – – – Send in a voice message: --- Send in a voice message:

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