#15: How To Make People Like You

By Dr. Dan & Siri Shakti | RockStarInLife

In this episode, we teach you the secrets to becoming a people person and making people genuinely like you. In today's world, you must learn the tools to make people like you or you could risk your very own survival! Think about it, if people don't like you, then they won't want to do business with you, you won't have a job, people won't want to be around you, and no one will want to ever reproduce with you! It doesn't matter if you are scared to talk to people, have a fear of meeting new people or even if you are an introvert. We will not only give you the tools to overcome this, we will show you how to make people genuinely like you.   Post For This Episode:   http://rockstarinlife.com/episode15   Download Both of Dr. Dan's Books FREE:   45 Lessons To Be a RockStar In Your Life   How To Attract The Person of Your Dreams & Keep Them

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