Sustainability with American Organic Energy's Charles Vigliotti

By Morey Creative Studios

Grow for Good™ introduces listeners to business leaders who have grown their companies by doing good things. Today's featured guest is CEO of American Organic Energy and Long Island Compost, Charles Vigliotti. Established as the next generation of organic waste solutions, AOE’s mission is to transform the organic waste disposal practice on Long Island, and quite possibly, the world. It is based on the simple but brilliant concept behind the intelligent reuse of material, designed to replenish the seeds that nourish the communities and landscape of Long Island and the New York metropolitan region, along with the livelihoods of all who live there. AOE's anaerobic digester will be the first to process food waste in the N.Y. Metropolitan Region and represents a significant step in the continued effort toward changing current waste disposal practices in the country. Charles Vigliotti has received praise from Governor Andrew Cuomo, as well as some of the most prominent business and environmental organizations in New York. In 2015, he was inducted into the Long Island Press Power List Hall of Fame, which honors the most influential individuals on Long Island. You can find Charles Vigliotti at -- If you enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe, share with your friends and rate and review on Apple Podcasts and Podchaser. If you have any questions or suggestion for future guests, send an email to Find Morey Creative Studios on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe to our blog here. See for privacy information.

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