Ali Rogers On Creating Inspiring Video Content

By Eat Your Greens

Ali Rogers creates inspiring video content that doesn’t just sell brands, it inspires souls. Using dramatic visuals and compelling stories, she helps the businesses and personal brands that she works with invigorate their communities. She's worked with brands like 3M, Cliff Bar and Redbull and is currently working with endurance athlete Colin O’Brady and podcast royalty Rich Roll. Ali’s work has this beautiful combination of vulnerability and fluidity that’s inspired by her own Prana (skip to 02:25 mins in to hear Ali talk about that) and a level of raw authenticity that not only makes her work unique, but hugely engaging. In this episode, Ali and I attempt to define what creativity is, and who is and isn’t creative. Spoiler. We’re all creative – even if we don’t recognise it in ourselves. Ali will explain why. Ali and I also talk about how the content business and personal brands produce might need to evolve in the coming weeks, months and years, the creative process that she goes through every time she creates a piece of work and who and what is inspiring her at the moment. If you're a content creator, aspiring content creator, in the marketing business or simply looking to up your storytelling game, this podcast is especially for you. To connect with Ali, you’ll find her on Instagram here: Her website is and you’ll find her favourite piece of work, Superior Surf, which we talk about in the podcast here: . Show notes: 03:11 – 03:46 – Ali talks about her work, how it has evolved and how she seeks out inspiring collaborations. 06:47 – 10:35 – Ali and I attempt to define what creativity is and its many different forms. 10:36 – 12:14 – Ali shares her thoughts on how branded content may evolve in a post-COVID-19 world. 12:15 – 15:56 – Ali talks about the creative process she follows when creating a piece of work 15:57 – 17:55 – I ask Ali what is more important in the creative process, the filming, or the editing. 17:56 – 21:15 – Ali talks about how those techniques used by social media documenters and influencers she incorporates into her work. 21:16 – 22:34 – Ali shares who and what are inspiring her at the moment. 22:35 – 26:24 – Ali tells me which piece of work she’s most proud of and why. 26:24 – 28:26 – I ask Ali what she has planned in terms of future projects. 28:26 – 28:47 – Ali shares how you can connect with her.

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