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Dave Randall - Songs that Change Society (N159)

By Tim Nash

Dave Randall has played guitar for some huge acts, including Faithless, Dido and Sinead O'Connor. As he's reflected on his career and the industry he's been a part of, he has begun to see the huge potential of music to change society. This prompted him to write the excellent book Sound System: The Political Power of Music. So if you're interested in pondering how the songs we sing might help us not just love God, but also love our neighbour, then tune in! This episode ends with Ibrahim Qashoush performing the protest song "Yalla Erhal Ya Bashar", or "Come on, Bashar, leave", during the 2011 Syrian up-rising. Qashoush's song is mocking president Bashar al-Assad. Qashoush was later found dead in the Orontes River, his throat cut and his vocal cords ripped out. You can watch the video of the performance with subtitled lyrics on YouTube.  If you want more from Nomad, check out our website, and follow us on Facebook and twitter If you're looking for other people to share this journey with, then register on our Listener Map, and see if any other nomads are in your area.  Nomad can only keep going because a small group of faithful listeners help us pay the bills. If you want to join them, you can make regular donations at Patreon or a one-off or regular donation through PayPal, the links to which you can find on our support page. As a thank you, you'll have access to Nomad Book Club, our online community The Beloved Listener Lounge, and Nomad Devotionals, where we're attempting to reconstruct worship through a creative mix of songs, music, readings, prayers and guest reflections.

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