Amir & Aamir

By Maria Passingham

Overcoming bad first impressions. Amir and Aamir were introduced by a mutual friend, but hopes of a connection were short-lived as their personalities clashed from the start. Over a series of nights out with mates that wouldn't quit, the two realise their differences could actually entwine to form a strong foundation for a future together.For each episode of Equal Parts, an illustrator creates an impression of the story. This week Danielle Casimiro is behind the bright and pattern-rich art. Visit to see her piece, and the full gallery for this season.Follow Danielle Casimiro on Instagram!Keep up with Amir & Aamir on Instagram and Twitter. Subscribe to the You Don't Love Me podcast and check out their radio show!Become a Patron to support the show: a transcript for this episode: more or get in touch: See for privacy and opt-out information.

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