Luke Mangan - Back from the Brink | Episode #3

By Amanda Stevens

Luke Mangan was never really that interested in school so when he had the opportunity to leave to pursue an apprenticeship as a chef, he jumped at it. And so began a 30-year journey of ups and downs, including nearly quitting his apprenticeship more than once. He opened his first restaurant, Salt, in Sydney and after nearly going broke and losing everything in 2005, went on to build a truly diversified restaurant empire, with 20 restaurants, airline and cruise partnerships and one of the most enduring and respected celebrity chef brands in the world. In this interview, Luke takes us behind the scenes of his partnerships with Virgin and Hilton and discusses his philanthropic projects and his plans to expand the Luke Mangan brand even further. To find out more about Luke visit To grab a copy of his biography, The Making of a Chef, click here. See for privacy information.

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