Betting Clever - Episode 2 with Tom Brownlee

By Smart Betting Club

The latest in our new 'Betting Clever' series, which discusses topics of interest from a winning bettor perspective with a variety of informed guests.In this episode, SBC Editor, Pete is joined by professional bettor and advantage player, Tom Brownlee to discuss all things football betting as the new season across Europe has just begun. We get into the part that football plays in our betting and some of the leagues, markets and angles used by Tom to try and make an profitable edge. In the 2nd part of the episode, we delve into the unique football coupon strategy that Tom uses and offers via his Bookie Bashing service and which enables bettors banned online to get bets down in bookmaker shops.Tom explains both the theory behind how it works and the actual practice of getting bets down and importantly - the edge it can offer and why its proven to be so lucrative over seasons past.To wrap things up, Tom and I also talk about bookmaker withdrawal strategies and some of the issues we have faced in the past at the withdrawal stage.Discover More:Learn more on the Smart Betting Club and how we help winning bettors at feedback - contact SBC on twitter @sbcinfoFind out more on Tom and his Bookie Bashing service for advantage players at more about each SBC Podcast episode:

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