Create a Home Office that Rocks! Debbie Rosemont – 1 Habit For A Thriving Home Office

By Jay Izso

In today's world more people than ever have a home office.  And as nice as that sounds and can be, it is not always conducive to productivity.  As a matter of fact you home office may be more home than office.  And the idea of trying to "balance" your work and your life from your home office?  Well, there is no such thing as balance.  In fact, it is really more of a blend and compromise.  And let's be honest some of us can work from home better than others.  Some of our personality traits are better suited to a home office than other personalities.  So what is the answer?  Well thankfully Certified Production Consultant Debbie Rosemont joins us on this episode of A New Direction. Debbie Rosemont has co-authored a book entitled "1 Habit for a Thriving Home Office". In reality these are more than 70 experts who give you sage advice and wisdom to help you create a home office that will rocket you to greater success. SPECIAL OFFER FROM DEBBIE to ALL A NEW DIRECTION LISTENERS! Debbie has provided you with Resources to help you build your Home Office: Free Resource: Rock Your Work from Home guide 1 Habit for a Thriving Home Office book Six Word Lessons to Be More Productive book Special for your listeners: (For $97, about $50 off regular price): Organize to Optimize mini-course and Productivity Task Master Bundle Affordable, valuable group program: It’s About Time virtual productivity program Personalized, customized individual coaching: 6-Month Productivity Transformation package – solid strategies, established habits, accountability, sustainable results Connect with Debbie on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and  YouTube Message from Debbie.  "If any listener would like to explore what it would be like to work together, they can book a free Discovery call. If they mention Jay Izso or A New Direction in the comments when they book, I’ll include a gift of our 90 Day Focus Tool. How cool is this!  Get the book take advantage of the resources and become more productive and ultimately more successful. Please thank the sponsors of A New Direction for their support of the show.  It is because of their financial support we can continue to bring you the best guests and a quality program. EPIC Physical Therapy, not just for the professional athletes they are in the best in the business at giving you EPIC Relief, EPIC Recovery, & EPIC Results! – EPIC PT Facebook Page – Click Here   and Linda Craft & Team, Realtors, For more than 35 years they have helped thousands of people find their dream home and create new memories. – Linda Craft & Team Facebook Page – Click Here

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