Valarie Allman : We Discuss the Discus American Record

By Alysia Montano, Molly Huddle, Roisin McGettigan

Alysia and Molly talk to Team USA Discus thrower Valarie Allman about setting and AR during a pandemic, life as a thrower, what her other interests are and how to better spotlight and market field events.Special thanks to Gatorade Endurance for sponsoring September's theme of "Inspiring Sports women of the Pandemic"Get 20% off DE products with the code "Track20" here! Thank you to Saucony for our season 2 support! #runforgoodWorkout Wed with Val: AR throw: World Championships Molly and Alysia talk as Ro takes maternity leave, welcome baby Ruari!Alysia’s August-did it happen if it’s not on IG?She’s doing analyst work for NBC Diamond League-yay for races coming back!Molly’s micro meet and upcoming 5000mIntro to Val!-Val’s start in DiscusShe began in other  sports-soccer, full time dance , track and field other eventsLured to throws by spaghettiWanted to compete on a college team and that’s why she narrowed focused on discus-Stanford years-everyone is good on that team, new pressures6-How dance helps disc-mental side of being an athlete during this pandemic time: from wanting to give up and go home to having the biggest throw of her lifeDid she see it coming? 70 meters is a big barrierPandemic meet:Happy to even be competing, had been focusing on getting stronger in weight room-Volunteering at University of Texas, whats her day look like , training during covid shutdownsCoach is Zeb Sion- nugget of insight during pandemic: “It forced me to figure out what I truly need-pretty much all medical things closed in terms of getting physio and getting adjusted, and it forced me to shrink my priorities. That was actually great because I didn’t realize all the things I was trying to factor into my training that had become a distraction a little bit, that I think maybe that was one of the silver linings that came out of it.” - business and finances of track and field, how throwers support themselves, her sponsors (Oiselle and NYAC), and the importance of prize money, USATF funding and grants especially for field events - why the field events aren’t marketed as well and how it could be better connected to the audienceDiscus is athletic-training includes partial movement,full throws,olympic lifts, cross training sprints/biking/swimming Fun facts may help (ex. javelin weighs as much as guinea pig)28:30-what the competition is like-do you chat, interact? Stay in the zone? - Val’s story: “Sports is such an empowering thing-I feel so lucky that I found a community and a sport and a sense of purpose with my body, especially as a female, and in an event that I didn’t know was possible."

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