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A Very Dive Bar Xmas in Estonia [Season 4, Episode 23]

By Sheila Dee & Evo Terra - Skeptics & Third World Survivors

We’re in Estonia traveling and really hadn’t intended to put out a show from the road. But on Christmas Eve, we were entertained by a drunken Finn named Miiko at one of Tallinn’s most notorious dive bar, Valli Baar. As our xmas present to you, we chopped the 48 minute rambling down to 5 of the better minutes. You wanted authentica travel stories? You’ve got one. Prepare to be  entertained by a  typical Finnish meat-eating man who’s way of life is under threat. It’s getting so a man can’t even be a proper lumberjack, or something? He just wishes for a better time, when Jimmy Carter was still president, Lassie was on the TV, and everyone wanted a Scottsdale? He gets a little side tracked, but that’s nothing medical marijuana can’t cure, even though he hasn’t smoked it for 30 years. And no, none of that was supposed to make sense. Got a question for us? Leave us a quick voicemail. And if you want these episodes early and gain access to all of our bonus content, support us on Patreon. Completely Insane Computer Transcription Of This Episode While we're not huge fans of transcriptions of podcast like ours, we like to follow the trend. Below is a computer-generated transcription of the audio of this episode. Smart podcaster use this output as a springboard to help them to provide a cleaned-up, human-readable transcription... but where's the fun in that. This is comedy gold. Thanks, PodcasterPro!   00:00:04 Oh ones, although this one on one this No, this morning with one time. Oh my God, Just one with high gear. The most evil. I have question, What are you? Tell me what is like spending Christmas in Estonia. That's a great question around will scholar. Thanks for asking I'm She lady And I am Ibo Tara. We are XIV. Oh, you are listening to this one time the podcast. And yes, we are in Estonia. Yes. But instead of actually reporting an episode while we are in Estonia It's Christmas Day, and we thought What better things to do than to give you a real taste of what it's like to be in Estonia on Christmas Eve. The only way possible is to be at a dive bar with a drunken thin. Tell them, I guess all amount, the problems of the world. He is quite entertaining. Yes, he was. So without any further ado, here's Mieko Happy Christmas. I don't give a sheet about any. Early on it today. In this time, on the thing that I am interest on children, it added. I don't get anything. Live at the whole way by way of life Haas Jaso. Seeing the winning of the My life has changed so much during the last ten years. I don't even Is this the same. Yes. Oh yes. But. Things are quite different if you out to go La Vina. Green is meet. Man, Yeah. And what really happened to be live metro sexuals sh vessel than you are there. I I see as if Europe deeper golf team. 00:02:18 You know, we've Russia. Don't lumberjack driving right. So have you changed? Have you become Metro sexual? No. I'm a man . You are going to us. Power to the forest five best away and being on that. Uh, the atmosphere in sight We love. He's very, very much Udorn. No. Nobody knows now honored that is snow. Sure. 'cause you're there. But I I do have the same in US. Same kind of our spirit. Definitely adage, Y S. Yes, Yeah. Built the old ways. Have are definitely changing it. Yes. That's the problem. Today we have people who are responsible or the games day, make sure that they don't do it. Lackey has always done now. That's not option after doing some other way, right, new ways, yes. You'll Gant use that Gudo. No best option. Yes, That's the problem in the whole world. Change continues to happen. The old traditional ways are going by the way side. Yes. Set you up to them. Because there are certain things that just are like they are, But they add reindeer chains that Li lives change a desert Rob left in all over the world. Yes. As Brazilian their Wesson Congress. That's all not in India, growing nations spa in their own version, uh, US Western Europe. That's the problem. And if people are going to go crush ready. I don't know. I don't have anything against US. I remember before a run rate by the West, Jimmy Carter, whilst Yep resident, Democratic, residency, West. The US West You've written about when that Ray Get the power, everything changed change the Ecuador Russ good. 00:04:44 The haul US Route really has been a bunk because we have raised with the Russians, Soviet Union task, bright The So the US was alive home as far. Shreif's Yes, absorbs rise of the everybody has a hold there. Yes, because there. Soviet Yulia Right? We lost. We have big as the border with Russia writes about two one thousand four hundred kilometres It's about five hundred seven hundred months. The four long border right there, Yeah. Yes. So. Time before Ron rag. Yes, US must different. Everybody here alive. It must Gudo last See time last year river the dog. Oh yes. At that time. This is nice. But then after Reagan, we took care of that Soviet Union. The Core. Douglas . But it it chase after a Jimmy Carter derogate gets it. At the whole world. Before that, US less threatening, everybody wants to have a spots, a river, a house between the river, Mayo council. I have a small cannabis are worth thirty s. Not not for thirty years. Yes. Mary Jones director to drop its Madison's? Yeah. I. I have a outta odd Odd. Day holiday. A D H ADHD, HD, yes. Always count me all. Yeah, Makes you more. Yes, yes. Park A few months. Alcohol as clear. One. The. In the red Come on. You know what I I do know what you Michelle. Yeah. People say they want authentic travels, honey. There you go. That's it. You seems quite. He was very nice. Definitely wanted us to go to to Saint Petersburg big time out your your fortunate listener because I cut that forty eight minute rambling thing down to about five to make it a little more palatable for you, But Vigo was quite entertaining and more fun things coming for us year in in Estonia. Yes. Hey, if you do have questions for us, the season's not yet over. We'll be back in our home base in Thailand in just a week. So questions we would love to have a question So we can answer them right here on the program. Simply go to XIV O . two WTF slash Call us. I think that's raped shave. Oh, Thank you. She vote WTMJ slash Call us and leave us a question that can be about our travels. It can be about relationship advice. It can be about drunken exploits. We got involved with here in Estonia you pick the topic at Chievo. 00:08:06 Dot WTF slash Call us. Our show is funded by patrons just like you, if you think Our show is worthy. These Give us a small financial deposit, not deposit . This is what happens when something doesn't have the script with them. Cheetah's drivers aged like to show your support. You can support as on of patriotic Just go to patriotic dot com. Not over there. Go here. She vote WTMJ slash Patria on and lend us your support. Our music is by the lay of the land. Thanks for listening listener. I am Eawo Tara '09 Sheila deep for more fun and excite went from us wealth, just stay subscribed wherever you get your podcasts. We'll back to witness as soon as we get back to that. Lovely land of Thailand. First part of two thousand eighteen Happy New Year.  

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