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Create More, Consume Less with Margy Heuschele

By Jackrabbit.FM

In today’s episode Brooke chats with the utterly lovely Margy Heuschele - a teacher-librarian from Toowoomba in Queensland - who has gradually shifted her life from one of stress and overwhelm and perfectionism and control, to one of slowness, contentment, simplicity and joy in the tiny moments. There are so many things to love in this episode (not least Margy’s amazing book recommendations!) but one of the most striking things is the contentment Margy exudes and the way she describes the tiny, beautiful moments in her life as the turning point in living a slower, more mindful life. There wasn’t a huge traumatic experience or a momentous realisation that brought her to slow living, but rather taking the time for little, mundane moments of beauty in her every day. She and Brooke also talk about the impact simplifying had on her now-grown kids, why it’s so important to teach people (both the young and not-so-young) foundational skills such as sewing and gardening, and why she and her husband started a simple living organisation in their community. For links to all of Margy’s book recommendations and other resources mentioned in today’s episode, head over to Enjoy! ==== If you're enjoying the show and want to know how to best support it, leave a rating or a review in iTunes: ( or head over to the Patreon page ( to help support the show financially. And thanks so much for listening! ====

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