5 Steps To Get Women Investing

By BFM Media Sdn Bhd

How do we overcome the narrative that not enough women are investing or taking charge of their financial lives? Roshan Kanesan speaks to licensed financial advisor Annie Hor for her personal observations, tips, and advice, on how to better empower women financially. They also get into the behavioural differences observed in men and women, overcoming fears of risk, and Annie's first 5 steps when guiding her female clients to get more involved in investing. Other shows that might interest you: > 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Stock > Buying Property - First 5 Steps, 4 Common Mistakes, And More > Women & Investing: Advice, Behaviours and Relationships > Money & Relationships With Mr. Stingy And ‘Ringgit Oh Ringgit’ > Wedding Planning: Critical Advice, Common Mistakes, And Taking On Debt

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