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Dr. Wendy Walsh: Evolutionary Psychology Applied To Modern Love

By Brad Kearns

Wendy blows into the SoCal Get Over Yourself studios (aka my old childhood bedroom)  and leaves a vapor trail! What a wild and fast moving show, with plenty of asides, profanity, Borat references, and Brad rapping to punctuate the conversation. Dr. Wendy Walsh is a Psychology Professor, an Award winning television Journalist, a radio host and a brand ambassador. As a Silence Breaker, she was named one of Time Magazine’s Persons of the Year. Her voice helped pave the way for the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.   We start off covering the fascinating story of how she called out Bill O’Reilly for harassment, a critical step in exposing his long-standing and long covered up pattern of harassment behavior that led to his downfall. Previous victims had been paid off to the tune of millions of dollars before Wendy bravely stepped up and told the story of how her Fox appearances magically dried up after she rebuffed O’Reilly’s cheesy advances at a business dinner. Wendy gives big credit to Mercedes Benz for taking the extraordinary step of yanking their advertising from Bill’s show upon the breaking of Wendy’s story, which led to dozens of other advertisers pulling the plug.   The conversation proceeds into Wendy’s main area of distinction and expertise: evolutionary psychology and Attachment Theory—why we bond with romantic partners and the complex interplay between our hard-wired genetic drives and the influence of culture and civilization. Wendy explains why we engage in repeated relationship patterns that are suboptimal, and the idea that we really can change with the right approach. She talks about the complex interplay between our hardwired genetic drives and desires and the influence of civilization and modern culture. We are in wild times when it comes to romantic partnerships, because culture is changing so quickly and the long-standing currencies and exchanges that framed partnerships and marriages no longer apply.   Hang on for a wild ride, because Wendy is definitely high energy with a high spice factor. We will learn the top three things men, and women, look for in a prospective partner, and how we must navigate these hard-wired drives in the modern dating scene.

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