Is it beauty or insecurity to hide behind so much makeup? - Episode 350 - The Scribble with Jeremy Bradley

The Scribble with Jeremy Bradley

Oct 29

29 min 59 sec

In a time when there's such a push for people to be accepted for who they are, it brings to discussion the contradiction of people focusing so much on their looks. Jeremy Bradley chimes in on beauty trends, such as super-long eyelashes. They look incredibly fake so what is the point? JB discusses the argument of women being judged on their looks yet complain they're sexualized because of their appearance. Can people have it both ways? Later, is JB's mom stalking the guy who bought his grandma's house? Mom is up to some pretty creepy things after selling her childhood home. Is there reason to be concerned? Plus, another Ask JB segment where a listener questions the actions of a company interviewing for a job.

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