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EP80: The $10K V.A. (Virtual Assistant) - with Kayla Sloan

By Chris Peach

Kayla Sloan has been my virtual assistant since the very beginning of Money Peach. There is so much that goes into creating blog content, putting together a weekly podcast, helping students inside the Awesome Money Course, and making sure it all goes smoothly. Without Kayla, there’s no possible way I could get all of this done and still work as a full-time firefighter. Recently I have had a few people ask me how they could generate extra income every month to pay off debt faster, to cover their mortgage, to buy groceries, or to simply just have a little fun with money! That’s where Kayla comes in. You see, Kayla didn’t go to college to become a virtual assistant and she doesn’t have a background in information technology. Instead she simply helps people with whatever they need online...and now just a few years later she’s making over $10,000 every single month by doing so! During our interview, I ask Kayla: • How she get started as a virtual assistant
• How she first began reaching out to potential clients
• What her rates were in the beginning versus now
• How long it took her to quit her full-time day-job to work as a V.A.
• What tools and resources she recommends to get started
 All the show notes, links, and anything Kayla and I mentioned can be found at

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