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Hope Marketing vs Faith Marketing

By Kelly Baader

#57: As Christians, we are familiar with the scriptures in Hebrew 11- the Hall of the fame for our Faith heroes. "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for." From verse 3 to 31, we could see there’s a pattern: all started from “By Faith”, then the Actions they take. The keyword is Action. More precisely we are talking about bold and probably, the scared actions. From Moses’ Red Sea departing, to Joshua’s 7-day to conquer Jericho wall. And don’t you think after Moses got God’s command about leading the tribe of millions to start walking towards to the Red Sea, he needed to do some planning for logistic reasons before they took the 1st step? Or for Joshua, to walk around the Jericho wall for 7 days, he also had to arrange the schedule, the food, the journey from where they were to the wall, etc., before the 1st day got started?  In short, after our Faith heroes got the command from the Lord, they didn’t just sit there and do nothing, nor took the steps without stewarding what they have in hand, and just HOPE for the desired outcome.  However, I have seen so many Christian Entrepreneurs are using the "Hope marketing" in their business and wondering why it doesn’t work for them; or even resenting about why others are successful with less experience and without the special level of HOPE they have from God.  I often said Entrepreneurship is an inner game- one of the best personal development we could have. Because it requires: Be brutally honest with yourself: We get to know what we are great at, and very lousy at, and take appropriate actions towards to it. The deeper self-awareness you are willing to accept, the faster you will grow.  Embrace uncomfortable change: Shout from the mountaintop and say you are going to promised land is easy, but just like Moses, what got him there, wouldn’t get him to the promised land because he wasn’t willing to SPEAK to the rock, but still struck the rock because that was his comfort zone. If you want the different result for 2019, you need to do change the way you think, the way you do things for a period of time, till the NEW + Uncomfortable become the NORMAL. It requires determination, efforts, and accountability. Forget about DIY: Even Jesus got His inner circle-the 12 disciples to accomplish what He wanted on earth before His resurrection. What do we think we can do differently? You need to be part of a community which can steer you in the right direction, with common goals and similar levels of growth you are looking for. Iron sharpens iron. It’s also a projection for you, to against the tricky game which the devil plays so often-isolation. When you fall, which you will, the group will be able to pick you up, when you get stuck, which you will as well, (Sorry-just be honest here.) The group will be able to offer you different perspectives in a Godly way, so you can get back to the right track as soon as you can, so you can accelerate your growth.  HOPE is not a marketing strategy after you receive what God’s instruction, you need to exercise a calculative risk management assessment. You still do execute business fundamentally, in the online marketing world, such as Deep dive of your ideal client profile, Pipeline building, Lead Generation, Sales conversation etc. You cannot skip these and HOPE you would just make sales from the thin air.  Walk by faith in your business is after you do the great stewardship process, you know you would be stretched to the new level of growth, you need to take new uncomfortable actions in order to get those fundamental pieces in place, or build up what you have to scale up; then you take actions by faith diligently and obediently. If so, you will find exceptional growth in this process, because your mindset shifts to the next level,...

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