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Getting rid of the 'fluff' around resilience & wellbeing.


In this episode of Stirring the Pot, we talk with Industrial and Organisational Psychologist and self professed leadership, resilience and curiosity seeker - Alia Bojilova! In this thought provoking chat, she challenges our current perceptions around resilience and wellbeing within the work place. Making it known that paying lip service to these concepts are a massive risk to our industry which requires huge investment in terms of intellectual capability. She believes the focus on resilience and wellbeing need to be a great deal more robust, especially if we want to be a business that attracts and retains top staff for greater productivity and profitability. Saying "Stress steals time. The more busier we are, the less likely we are to pay attention to what matters. And, business as usual is sometimes a huge dusty pile of stuff we don't have to attend to. We need to pause, and focus on the things that matter as apposed to everything that is immediately in front of us."   Connect with Alia: LinkedIn: https://   Interested in attending HERA's Future Forum - 20/20 Vision so you can hear more from Alia? Registrations are now open!  

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