S1E1 - North Star Rising - Pilots

By Mike Bithell

Two humans find themselves in space, on a starship. Scripted adventure from the writer of Thomas Was Alone. In this, the first of six weekly episodes, we begin a story about an optimistic crew on an adventure to uncover a mystery. For episode transcripts, visit northstarcrew.com Contact us at contact@northstarcrew.com Keep up to date by following @mikebithell on twitter. Starring Scroobius Pip as the Narrator Samantha Béart as Tara Rahul Kohli as Otis and Jayce Diaz as Alpha North Star Rising is written and directed by Mike Bithell, executive produced by Alexander Sliwinski. Art by Ian McQue, with music by Austin Wintory, and sound design by Chris Randle. Special thanks to Kerry Dyer, Alanah Pearce, Thomas Gray, and Ben Andac.

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