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Ep. 09: Best friends, will travel (plus baby). Jonny and Michelle Hoffner of Paper Antler Photography.

By Josh Haroldson and Stasia Haroldson

As we’ve mentioned before Stasia is a CPA so this is a busy travel time of the year for her and that means I’m flying solo again in the intro while she the air flying home. And I am so happy for her to be coming home because frankly...I really miss her when she’s gone. She is my best friend in the world and my evening just aren’t the same....or as funny without her. That same kind of friendship is what immediately comes to mind as I look back on our interview with our guests for Ep. 9 of The Our First Drink Podcast, Jonny and Michelle Hoffner of Paper Antler. They are a super talented husband and wife photography duo who since 2008 have been traveling the world capturing gorgeous images for numerous weddings in addition to Pixar, The Huffington Post, Satchel & Page, and Doomtree Records to name a few. But most importantly they are unabashedly best friends and doting parents to their daughter, Dottie. It was such a pleasure to meet these two in person a couple of months ago because they are one of those couples you meet and can instantly tell that they really, REALLY like each other. And that is why we are so happy to have them as our guests this week. If you follow these two on Instagram @paperantler...and you totally is crystal clear how much fun they have with each other and now with their daughter. So we were really curious to learn about what the secret to their relationship is. In this episode Why starting a relationship as close friends is hard to beat. How getting outside of your normal environment can help you see someone in a totally different way. How having a baby has changed their perspective on their business and their professional identity. Inspiration that comes from watching your partner do something that takes real gumption. The importance of liking each other in your relationship Celine Dion karaoke...your heart WILL in fact go on. Our First Drink Couples Quiz Who is the CEO and who is the COO? What's more important to you...experience or accomplishment? Who is the straight man and who is the comedian? Make it happen or let it happen? Karaoke? Yes or no? About Michelle and Jonny Hoffner Lovers of: Dottie, pressing onward and a nice afternoon of Chipotle + Settlers. Haters of: the game. Since 2008 we've been your friendly husband + wife photography duo, traveling the world to capture the beauty and endurance of transient moments. From Argentina to New Zealand, and every corner of the United States, we thrive on being present, intentional and relational in the environments we inhabit. Also, sometimes we rhyme slow. Sometimes we rhyme quick. You can see their work on Instagram @paperantler, the Paper Antler website, and you buy their beautiful prints with... 20% Off Prints from Paper Antler To get this special deal for Our First Drink listeners: Go to Select your print(s). Enter the code, "firstdrink", at checkout for 20% off your ENTIRE order! Thanks again for listening! Best, Josh and Stasia p.s. If you liked the show will you help us create an awesome community of couples by clicking on this link to give us a five star rating on iTunes? | Rate us on iTunes | Use "firstdrink" for 20% at

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