Leaving Westboro Baptist

By deconversiontherapy

Bonnie and Karen were ready to skewer everything and everyone connected to hateful Westboro Baptist, with their God Hates Fags picket lines. But then they read Unfollow by Megan Phelps-Roper who left the church (her entire family) and has now come out with the book. Despicable? Yes. Hurtful? Of course. But with hearing and reading from the granddaughter of the founder of the church, we understand the psychology more. We also highlight the Equality House, a home purchased across the street form Westboro Baptist that has become an LBGT museum and is painted like a huge rainbow flag. Once again, we learned a lot from this episode. It hurts our egos to keep learning like this. Send your funny and true stories to us at www.deconversiontherapypodcast.com. We've got a shop on there, too.  

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