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Page 2 - Eddee shares his insights on finding your guru

By Akshay & Salar

Eddee is the director of Inye Yoga. He has been practicing yoga for eight years, his unique approach blends the elements of yoga, gymnastics, and hypnotherapy. He is a certified E-RYT200 teacher, certified Reiki Master, and a clinical hypnotherapist. Eddee hosts "Rainbow Classes", providing a judgement free safe space for everyone.Eddee's main principle for deep integrated work is patience. He strives to bring flexibility and mobility back to the spine, to grow tall and move with freedom, and to re-introduce natural alignment back to the body. His practices are conducted gracefully and methodically, and he invites the students to re-discover their personal boundaries. Move and discover, that's how we grow and evolve.Show NotesEddee talks about hours and how hard it is - 5:06What is yoga - 9:00What is OM - 14:15How steep is the learning curve for yoga? 16:00Yogi 23:00What is dharma? 25:00Make a brand out of yourself 29:00Get out of your comfort zone 33:15Don't point fingers at others 35:00How to build confidence 36:30Attract the right people 38:00Karma and ripple 41:15Psychedelics for meditation 46:00Psychedelics as a medicines vs recreational use 48:00What differentiates a drug dealer and a shaman/guru?No shortcuts 52:45A true guru/shaman picks his student 54:00Don't judge 57:00Healing should be within  59:30Be aware of your actions which numb you leading to depression 1:04:00One activity to try in your life 1:08:00How to pick your teachers 1:22:00Follow Eddee / InyeYogaWebsite - - the show

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