256 | Social Dilemma

By Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus

Joshua and Ryan talk about how The Minimalists apply minimalism to social media, how they’ve changed their opinion about social media over the years, and they review the new Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma with social media specialist Jess Williams, and they answer the following questions: Is social media the original social distancing? (02:06) How do we do a better job of using social media as a tool? (07:17) What are the problems with social media? (16:16) Has the smartphone become more of a distraction than the TV? (20:57) Do we unfairly judge others in assuming that they’re simply wasting time on their smartphones rather than being productive? (21:46) Has the ubiquitousness of social media contributed to creating an overly judgmental society? (26:48) How do we set appropriate boundaries for social media? (28:06) How do I address the desire to explain my behavior to others? (30:20) Why do disagreements escalate so quickly on social media? (31:50) How do I balance staying informed with being in the moment? (38:29) Detailed show notes: minimalists.com/podcast Support The Minimalists: minimalists.com/support

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