Ep 27: Luca Masini - Giro d'Italia Nonstop (GINS); 2,400 miles around Italy

The Ultra Cycling Show

Oct 2020

1 hr 4 min

Imagine riding all around the beautiful country of Italy passing through historic cities like Venice, Milan, Rome, Naples, and over the snowcapped Alps. Well, now you can with Luca Masini's Giro d'Italia Nonstop, or GINS, as its abbreviated, with over 2,400 miles (almost 4,000 km) and 166,000 ft (over 50,000 m) of climbing. On today's episode, we'll discuss the first edition of GINS which was held in August, as well as Luca's future plans for the event and his own ultra cycling achievements, including riding the 1,600 km (994.1 miles) BikingMan Inca Divide in Peru, the 24h Finale Ligure MTB event in Europe, the 24h World Time Trial Championships in Borrego Springs, California and his involvement with the RAAM, RAW, Race Around Slovenia, Race Across Italy, Race Around Ireland, Silver State 508, and much more. Grab your favorite plate of pasta and enjoy this fun episode! Let’s roll! 🚲💨


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