Ep 75: Identifying & Coping with the Mental Health Effects of COVID-19

By Jeremy Stanley

Workers in the healthcare industry have always prioritized others over self, and that sacrifice has grown even larger during the COVID-19 pandemic. That also means we have even less time for self-care and that’s leading to an increase in anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. We're joined by Linda Stone, DNP, MSN, CRNA, and Rigo Garcia, CRNA, to talk about what you can do to help someone that might be struggling and find out what resources are available to you on a state and national level.      Here all the contact info you need to access the many resources available:   888-883-8433 https://parkdalecenter.com/ https://parkdalecenter.com/support-the-front AANA 24/7 Helpline Number: 800-654-5167     Read more and get additional resources here: https://beyondthemaskpodcast.com/?p=2480        Today's show schedule:  1:55 – We’re joined today by Linda Stone. 3:16 – Rigo Garcia is also on the show with us today. 3:53 – Some background on Garcia and Parkdale.   5:02 – Today we’re talking about coping with the mental affects of COVID. 5:34 – What type of mental health issues is Linda seeing with SRNAs? 7:22 – What is Rigo seeing from CRNAs? 8:17 – Many nurses are facing serious mental health issues.   10:37 – Anxiety and depression has been common in the nursing profession for some time.    11:37 – How many people in our population have substance abuse issues? 13:33 – Why is it important for us to be talking about this right now? 14:42 – What are the signs that someone might be in trouble or needs help? 17:04 – What are some coping strategies you can use? 21:28 – What should you do if you suspect someone is dealing with mental health issues? 23:00 – Here are some of the resources that are available from the AANA.            26:49 – We all need to exercise more empathy as a society. 28:34 – What is Rigo hearing from people on the front lines? 30:03 – If you’re worried how someone might react if you attempt to help them, here’s some guidance. 32:57 – The problems Parkdale is seeing during this health crisis. 36:10 – What resources are available to SRNAs? 38:31 – There will likely be long-term effects from COVID-19. 40:00 – Final message from Linda. 40:37 – Final message from Rigo.

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