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A Real Life Look Into Relational Repair

By Kelsey Grant + Jamie Rea

There is a big difference between understanding the theory of repair and actually practicing it in real time. While most people understand the value of relational repair and conflict resolution, many are also ill equipped to navigate these challenging pockets when they come. In this week's episode we share with you a recent challenge we encountered as a couple, the breakdown that ensued, how our tyrant toddlers attempted to take over, how we soothed those inner demon children so we could come back to a place of repair, understanding and moving powerfully through a conflict that was deeply triggering for both of us. Show Notes • Our 8 step process from breakdown to repair. • Why taking time outs is healthy and how to do that without rupturing connection even when you're pissed at each other. • How to own your triggers, unpack them and bring them to the repair conversation from a place of accountability and commitment to do better in the future. • Why the quickest way to implode your relationship and delay/destroy repair is to fight over text. • How to communicate your needs and boundaries around repairing and restoring connection. • The importance of face-to-face communication, the use of "I" statements and the revelation of vulnerability and appreciation, during repair. • The future game-plan is the indicator the repair conversation is complete. Stay up to date with all the magic we're up to including our upcoming Relational Repair webinar by joining the email list at our school:

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