CEDAR meditation

By Kelly Sunrose

Beloved listeners, A medicinal meditation for your revolutionary spirit. We are in the midst of the uprising! My family is fully committed to our practice of unlearning white supremacy and dismantling the structures that perpetuate the oppression of Black people. Black LIFE Matters. To that end, we're demonstrating, protesting, writing, calling, learning, donating and loving on our neighbors. Most of you know, I already donate 15% of my income to causes that align with my stated values-- check it out here-- and this month, we supported the Minnesota Freedom Fund and Movement Generation. Thanks for supporting my work so that I can make those donations happen. SUPPORT THE WORK! You can support me by subscribing, reviewing, sharing this podcast far & wide. You can support by becoming a PATRON or just sending some financial support to me via PAYPAL. You can support by joining our online practice community The Wildcat Yoga Club. You can support by attending my class at North Portland Yoga (via ZOOM from anywhere!) or by registering for a workshop, immersion or training. THANK YOU. SO MUCH. LOVE YOU!

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