Oct 31

1 hr 51 min

A Futureperfect Talk on micromobility, including city design, investment, safety and more, with John Manoochehri (BASE2), Horace Dediu (Asymco), Caroline Hjelm (Voi), Sampo Hietanen (MaaS Global), and Adam Wais (Rolo Bikes, Motion Devices). --- Futureperfect Talks are the unfinished stories of spatial technologies & the worlds we make, led by BASE2. Architecture, sustainability, tech collide - so what happens next? Subscribe on Apple or Spotify, and join live Futureperfect Talks on Twitter Spaces @_futureperfect. --- Futureperfect Talks are powered by Last Meter®, the service integration platform by BASE2 and partners. lastmeter.info base2.works --- Season 2 of the Futureperfect Talks are sponsored by Epic Games / Unreal Engine. Explore more here Download Unreal Engine / Twin Motion. --- Recommended follow-up Hypar Canoa Women in BIM Tech News from Around The World Blender BIM

Podcast Episode