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139. Brave: The Browser That Will Pay You. Jonathan Sampson of Brave.

By David Kadavy – best-selling author

Brave is a new browser that's reinventing the attention economy. Brave does block ads, but it's not just an ad blocker. It also blocks scripts that slow down your browsing experience, invade your privacy, and leave you vulnerable to hackers. Since much of the internet currently runs on the ad-supported model, Brave doesn't stop there, with the blocking of ads. They've invented a cryptocurrency that could change creative monetization forever. You can use the Basic Attention Token, or BAT, to pay creators whose content you consume most – or, as a site owner, you can earn BAT. In fact, I've earned some BAT myself. In the future, Brave says they will be paying you for browsing content. Now how does that work!? We'll talk about that and more in today's conversation. I'm talking to Jonathan Sampson (@bravesampson), who is Brave's Senior Developer Relations Specialist. We'll talk about: How did we end up with an internet where we need a browser like Brave. Brave's founder and CEO invented Javascript, yet Brave blocks a ton of Javascript. How did that happen? Brave claims to save you about $23 a month, and give you a browsing experience up to 8 times faster. Where do those gains come from? How is it possible that Brave could pay you for browsing the web? Where would the money come from, and who will be missing out on that money? I've been using Brave regularly for a few months now, and I really enjoy it. As we'll talk about in this conversation, if you'd like to support the work I do, download Brave at If you stick with it for 30 days, Brave will reward me with $5 worth of BAT. Again, that's Love Your Work is now fully listener-supported! Patreon supporters are now covering ALL production costs for Love Your Work! Thank you supporters! To help, go to Free Creative Productivity Toolbox I quadrupled my creative productivity. Sign up and I'll send you the tools I count on: Feedback? Questions? Comments? I love to hear anything and everything from you. Leave a review on Apple Podcasts, Tweet at me @kadavy, or email me     Sponsors Show notes:

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