Disrupting the Norm with Holly Krivo

By Holly Krivo

Welcome to 2020! Today's episode is a little different in that I am the lucky guest! I sat down with Bridgette, my amazing coach, to share my story of living an amazing childfree life.  I support and serve others to live their truth so it was important for me to share mine.   We talked about how despite my resume looking like a dream job list but it wasn't until I found coaching that I found my "More" , how heavy the avoidance of making a big decision can be and how detrimental the idea of the "American Dream" can really be. There is a lot of talk on making the decision if having children is right for you or not but I think this episode is good for anyone looking to disrupt the norm with their own decision. It's for you out there who have a tug on your heart, telling you to do something different than what is expected of you. Honor that voice.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/holly-krivo-coaching/message

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