Excellence and Success in Your Business – The John Wooden Way – Lynn Guerin

By Jay Izso

https://coachemwayup.com/about-the-authors/lynn-guerin/When it comes to undefeated teams and national championships none were more dominant than UCLA coached by John Wooden.  Considered by coaches to be the greatest coach ever John Wooden left a legacy of excellence and success.  There was no doubt that his teams were the best.  He played a team game even though he had superstars.  No one person was ever bigger than John Wooden's entire team.  It was that level of excellence that is legendary.     When you hear the word "excellence' does that describe your business?  What about success?  John Wooden would tell you that excellence and success are both a journey.  But how can you get your business there?  Well fortunately for us Lynn Guerin who journeyed with Coach Wooden the last 20 years of his life is on this episode of A New Direction to help us. The John Wooden Way for Organizational Excellence is based on Lynn Guerin's book entitled "Coach 'Em Way Up!".  It is a close examination on how you can be a better leader, a better teacher, a better coach, a better human being and how it applies to your organization and business.  The Organizational Excellence pyramid closely resembles John Woolen's Pyramid of personal excellence.  There is no doubt that this book will have a positive effects on you, your business and/or organizational and the people in it.  I highly recommend checking out and reading  "Coach 'Em Way Up!" Please reach out to our sponsors by supporting their pages and let them know you heard them on A New Direction! EPIC Physical Therapy.  Whether you just need some guidance to get in better shape, you have an injury or recent surgery, or you are an elite athlete getting yourself back into the game, the certified experts coupled with the latest start of the art equipment will help you get you where you want to be.  EPIC relief.  EPIC recovery.  EPIC results.  That is EPIC Physical Therapy.  Head on over to www.EPICpt.com and learn more! and Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS, for 35 years they have helped thousands of people all over the world when it comes to buying and selling real estate.  Completely locally owned and unaffiliated Linda and her expert team can help you find the best expert in real estate regardless of what company they work for.  Just one more reason why for 35 years they have been known as the “legends of customer service”.  Give them a call!  Click on over to www.LindaCraft.com

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