The State VS Keith Davis Jr.

By Devyn Springer

If you don't know the story of #KeithDavisJr., make sure you listen to this episode of the #GroundingsPodcast. Keith is being framed for murder by the Baltimore police and the state of Baltimore. Police shot at Keith over 44 times, hitting him in the face and neck. Keith has been in jail for a crime he didn't commit since 2015. Keith has been through FOUR trials because Marilyn Mosby, the state attorney, is determined to see him behind bars. Keith was the first high-profile police in shooting in Baltimore since Freddie Gray, and because Marilyn Mosby gave the allusion (at the time) of accountability for Freddie Gray's murder, she's now being as hard on Keith as possible to win back the trust of police, police unions, and prosecutors. Virtually all evidence — surveillance footage, ballistics reports, firearms reports, firearms registries, witness testimonies — show that Keith is innocent. Keith's wife, Kelly, was on the phone with him when police began to fire over 44 rounds at him. She has fought relentlessly to free him since that day. We get into all of these details, the context for his involvement, who he is, the lies and scandal and coverup surrounding his case, in this episode. You can donate to Keith's family here. You can follow Bilphena and Amelia as well.

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