Mokele-Mbembe - A History of the Mystery

By Ashton Macaulay

This week on Cryptids Decrypted, John Ceccarelli and Ashton Macaulay are talking about a fascinating myth from the Congo River Basin, Mokole Mbembe (pronounced M’Kay-lay Bem-bay, probably). It's a fascinating myth with incredible roots in 1900s dinosaur fever, and a fun episode all around.  If you want to support the pod, share, subscribe and rate us and if you want to learn more about Ashton's writing, check out and follow him on twitter (@RealMacAshton). For more info on the audio drama A Man of the Mountain: New episodes launch for free every two weeks, we just ask that if you like them, share them! Credit for our excellent intro music goes to: Song: Strange Indeed Variation A Composer: Felipe Adorno Vassao (ABRAMUS) Content Provider: LynneMusic Publisher: Lynne Publishing (PRS) for the 'thinking music' during Truth or Cryptid, we thank Neo Spica: for the '80's Riff' that serves as the Truth or Cryptid theme, we thank Modulation Station: --- Support this podcast:

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