Beyond the Pew // Episode 4 // Atypical Christian

Beyond the Pew

Aug 2019

34 min

No clue about what Autism is? Neither did we. Until we spoke with Jeramy Hope. He is dedicated to Autism Advocacy and is working hard to bring more awareness on the topic. This episode also has a special ending. Jenna Hope shared with us what to do if you've discovered you have autism.What You Came Here For // Check out Jeramy's work to bring more awareness to the area of Autism on his blog: and Also check out that first article Jeramy mentioned about his initial grappling with the labels of Autism here: We Are // Beyond the Pew is dedicated to exploring real life experiences of people who are taking their Christianity beyond the church walls.Join Us // If you want to stay updated on new episodes follow us on Facebook: and on Instagram:

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