Deliberately Dressing For Yourself

By Heather Hansen

The Elegant Warrior is the podcast about elegance in all of its many forms. We’re talking about our definitions of elegance and how we maintain it during times of trial. If you knew that what you put on would have a greater impact on your success for the day, how much thought would you give to what you wear? What we wear and what we do with the outside of us has a great impact on the inside of us. The pandemic has given all of us an excuse to relax into sweatpants and ponytails, but does that deliver our best self? My guest today would say no. Personal stylist, fashion and creative consultant, and creator of the SALON x LKS series, Laura K. Sawyier has joined me to uncover the value of getting yourself dressed. The clothes we wear can empower us to feel and to be our best selves, and I know that today’s conversation is going to inspire you to deliberately dress for your best self every day.   Today we discuss — The value of dressing for yourself When you take time to dress for yourself and understand yourself, you will shine. The way we present ourselves on the outside makes a real difference in how we feel on the inside. How we dress impacts the way that others see us as well as how we think about ourselves.   The impact of dressing for yourself How you dress impacts your moods, your behaviors, and your performance in your workday. There is danger in wearing clothes that don’t feel like “you.” The notion of discovery requires that effort must be put into the process of increasing our self-awareness. Aspirational authenticity guides us as we dress and present ourselves to others.   The why and how of dressing for yourself Fashion is for everybody — it will always be a part of your life. Pay attention to what doesn’t work for you find what does work for you. Every person is dynamic and different from everyone else. Specific tips for caring for the style items you love most, including one that might even change your meditation practice   Laura’s book recommendation is The Psychology of Fashion, by Dr. Caroline Mair and The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, by Don Miguel Ruiz   Laura’s song choice is I Have a Dream by ABBA   Learn More: Advocate to Win The Elegant Warrior Playlist on Spotify Laura K. Sawyier SALON x LKS Laura’s blog post about the Conair Fabric Shaver   Brought to You By: Boyle’s Naturals

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