#016: The Aquarium of the World: Sea of Cortez - Rick Brusca

Biosphere 2 Podcast

Mar 1

59 min 40 sec

In this episode we are joined by marine biologist and invertebrate zoologist Rick Brusca. Rick is Executive Director, Emeritus, of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum where he still conducts research. He is also a Research Scientist at the University of Arizona and the Center of Research for Food and Development in Mexico.

Rick is the author of over 200 research publications and 20 books, including the largest-selling text on invertebrate zoology (Invertebrates 3rd ed., ) and the popular field guides Common Intertidal Invertebrates of the Gulf of California and A Natural History of the Santa Catalina Mountains. As a scientist, Rick’s areas of greatest interest is the Sea of Cortez and the Sonoran Desert.

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