How to Create a Sold Out Event with Amy McLaren

By Kelly Baader

#69: Today, I am interviewing Amy McLaren about her expertise as a foremost authority on utilizing different stages of the event planning process to ensure a sold out event.  Key Lessons From This Episode:  Why an event is an experience Three stages that every event goes through and what to do at each stage Tips on how to ensure that you are sold out How to use details to create the atmosphere that your audience wants to come back to again and again About Amy:  Amy is the founder of LadyStrength, a brand for entrepreneurial women who are growing their business and designing their life on their terms. It's dedicated to empower, encourage and support women from around the world.  As they say, behind every successful woman, is a tribe that has her back.  Furthermore, she is the cofounder of Village Impact, a charity that aims to bring quality education to the children of Kenya so that they can write their own futures. They have accomplished to build 12 schools for over 3000 students so far.  Her next project is the launch of her book in August 2020, Passion to Purpose. As you can see, she's a busy woman who knows how hard it can be to organize successful events for either business or charity functions, to  longer events like conferences. In her downtime, you'll find her hanging with her children and husband in Ancaster, Ontario.  Important Links & Mentions in this episode: (Access the free masterclass/Kelly's on-stage presentation about the Power Of One Framework) (Learn more about Christian CEO University) (Amy’s Website) (Village Impact) (Subscribe + Review on iTunes) (Subscribe + Listen on Spotify)  

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