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How To Find The Love Of Your Life... with Annie Lalla

By Mike Dillard

There is nothing in life that will have more of an impact on your happiness, success, or general fulfillment than the quality of your relationship. And yet finding that person, creating, and sustaining an amazing relationship has proven to be one of the most difficult challenges we as people will face. As is the case with any truly important subject matter, our educational system has once again chosen to completely skip over this topic without providing a single class on human dynamics, love, or relationships, which leaves you and I to figure it out on our own. Well the good news is that if you’re willing to put a little bit of thought and conscious effort into this topic, it can be figured out, and today I have my good friend, and one of the smart humans on the planet when it comes to love and relationships, Annie Lalla. Annie is who an incredible number of some of the most successful entrepreneurs turn to for wisdom and guidance when it comes to this part of their lives, and today she is going to tell you how to find the love of your life, and more importantly how to keep that relationship growing into something more and more amazing every year. If you’re already in a relationship, we’re going to talk about that as well, specifically when it comes to resolving conflicts in an incredibly healthy way that will actually strengthen your relationship. This is an amazing episode, so thank you for joining me, and on a side note, thank you for your support of the program. Last week we passed the 100,000 download mark and that wouldn’t be possible without be possible with you, so thank you, and I’d like to ask you for your help… Obviously today’s episode with Annie covers an extremely important topic that every single person you know could benefit from, so if you like what you hear, please pass it along so we can continue to spread this information, and the Self Made Man mission.  

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