EP 9: Pushed into Purpose with Carla George

By Shaunté Saphire

Faithpreneur Diaries: On today’s episode we have Carla George. Carla George is the author of the top selling book Proverbs 31 Woman: More Than The Good Wife, which examines the Proverbs 31 Woman from a unique perspective concerning the modern-day woman. Each chapter is an intentional declaration of ‘I Am…’ for the reader to meditate on and apply to their life.  She is also the curator of the Date Night! Series and has a passion for building solid Godly marriages that will build strong families and communities. She does this by bringing together and hosting couples on community date nights and to date her and her husband have hosted up to 100 couples.  Her latest venture is being the host of the Pushed Into Purpose Podcast aimed to pushing Goal Getters like you to move beyond the fears, obstacles and roadblocks that may arise and into a life of purpose God has ordained for you. Contrary to what we think, Carla believes our purpose is always with us and is to be discovered rather than found. She quotes "our purpose is not what we do, but it is who we are that supports what we do".  ANNOUNCEMENTS  Need a life coach? Book your free discovery call here: https://calendly.com/blackbeautifulandblessed/30-minute-discovery-call  If you’re looking for a community of supportive purpose chasers who are working to create the life of their dreams join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2133866680242159/  You can now send questions for the “Ask Shaunté” segment on the podcast. Once I get enough questions, I will start the segment. Please email your questions to info@prayplanslay.com or send me an DM on instagram. SOCIAL MEDIA INFO  Pray Plan Slay - @prayplanslaypodcast  Shaunté Saphire - @shauntesaphire Website: blackbeautifulandblessed.com   Carla George  IG: @iamcarlageorge @pushedintopurposepodcast Buy Proverbs 31 Woman Here: https://amzn.to/35C39gi 

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