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118 Gary Jenkins |Investigator of Organized Crime Tells All

By Harry Duran

Gary Jenkins is the host of the true crime podcast, Gangland Wire, which recounts his stories of true organized crime true as a Kansas City Police Detective. With twenty-five years on the police force, Gary has a lot of stories to tell! His enthusiasm for learning new technologies and passion for actively participating on these platforms enable him to genuinely connect with his listeners. Gary and I dive into some stories on the police force and we discuss the origins of the podcast. 08:35 – The podcast’s focus on the west side mafia and serial killers. 11:40 – How did Gary come up with the name of his podcast? 13:25 – The AHA moment when Gary realized through podcasting he could share his crime stories in an innovative way. 17:25 – His co-host, Aaron, is an interesting guy! 21:30 – A checkered past living in Kansas City didn’t stop Gary from getting a job as a cop. 24:45 – Bringing together your neighbors, thanks to crime and Facebook. 29:20 – An incident made Gary realize he didn’t have the police “edge” anymore, 35:00 – Gary is proud of his documentary film. 40:15 – Channeling Jerry Lewis with a fundraiser episode. 43:25 – Gary clears up the myth -- does an undercover police officer have to admit they are a cop if asked? 44:00 – Other countries are fascinated with the glorification of organized crime. 46:30 – Harry and Gary share sound advice for fellow podcasters. 49:00 – What is the one most misunderstood thing about Gary? 50:00 – How the Buddhist practice has helped Gary control his negative thoughts. 52:00 – What has changed Gary’s mind recently? Full Show Notes:

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