Farm Volunteering with Leah Michelsen

By Luke Richardson

Leah has travelled the US, Canada and Europe volunteering on organic farms. In this interview she talks about why it's a great way to travel, how it provides a unique perspective on a new place, connects you with great people, and builds up a really good appetite.  I've found every interview I've done on this podcast inspiring. But after talking to Leah, I've actually booked a few days volunteering on a farm here in England. I love the idea of trying something I've never done before, and getting away from my laptop. I'll tell you how I get on in a future episode.  The podcast is sponsored by Bookitlist  If you’re looking for unique travel adventures both near and far, make your first port of call. While you’re there, if you like the sound of anything you see, you can add it to your online book-it-list to take advantage of great discounts when you book. Want $10 off a WWOOF US membership?  Leah runs the fantastic website and blog, She writes about farming, food, travel, and often interviews farm volunteers - or WWOOFers, as they're known in the trade.  Get $10 of a WWOOF US membership with Leah's discount code: 'SQUASHBUCKLERS'.  Have you got a story to share? Have you planned the trip of a lifetime and want to tell me about it? Get to know me, my writing at my travels: Create your Bookitlist, book with discounts and live for adventure at: And for all our episodes, show notes and info about our guests:

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