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100: You Called, I Answered

By Vegan Danielle

Your calls came in, and I've got your answers! Thank you so much to everyone who called in, and of course all of you who are tuning in as well! I appologize if I've spelled anyone's name wrong; I only had audio to go off of. 02:01 - Kylee: How do you encorporate healthy fats into shakes? 02:54 - Response 06:41 - Chantelle: New vegan; super sweet compliment! 07:26 - Response 09:33 - Dr. Kasey Johnson: Congrats on Episode 100 09:58 - Response 10:47 - Shawnie: What type of vegan foods keep you full for the longest amount of time? 11:15 - Response 15:39 - Lindsay: Calling from NC; Vegan and vegetarian options ARE available in the south! (This comment was completely warranted; listen to my response!) 15:58 - Response 16:59 - Barbara (Rawsome Delights): What have been some of the things I've learned over these 100 episodes? 17:39 - Response 21:41 - Rachel DeRose-Hosler (AV & Pollinated Palette): What color panties are you wearing today? 23:47 - Response 27:28 - Phil: Health benefits of organic vs. non-organic? 27:38 - Response 34:45 - Vanessa: Vegetarian trying to cut out cheese 34:56 - Response 41:51 - Karl: What do you say to someone who says that they have to have meat in their diet? 43:07 - Response 51:26 - Alicia: Currently vegetarian; vegans eat a lot of fruit, is there a higher chance of becomming diabetic? 51:48 - Response 57:43 - Derek: When you went vegan, was it easier having a spouse that also went vegan? Would it be a deal-breaker to date someone who wasn't vegan? What is your favorite part about the podcast? Have you found it easier to be in social situations since you've had the podcast? 58:29 - Response

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